Bob beck research paper

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Bob beck research paper

One way it works is by lowering the level of pathogens in the body which in turn helps the immune system to do its job.

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The Bob Beck Protocol, being an electromedicine protocol, builds the immune system. Use the Bob Beck Protocol as the primary cancer treatment and include supplements to help supercharge the immune system and strengthen the body.

Bob beck research paper

Introduction No one knew the full potential Bob beck research paper the immune system because every scientific study ever done on the immune system was done on humans who had two pounds of disease-causing microbes pathogens in their bloodstream.

Their immune systems were choked by these pathogens so no one had a clue how potent the immune system could be. So how potent is the immune system capable of being if you get rid of these two pounds of pathogens, such as a virus, bacteria, and fungi?

Bob Beck, a physicist with a doctoral degree in science, figured out a way to get rid of pathogens.

Bob beck research paper

Beck learned is that as you get rid of the pathogens the immune system immediately begins to be supercharged. For example, in one case study he mentioned a man who could not get out of bed and was simply lying in bed waiting to die. In three weeks this patient was up and around and eventually he fully recovered.

The specific section of the immune system that Dr. Beck suspected was supercharged was in the production of neuropeptides. The immune system creates two key molecules called: These molecules are called neuropeptides or nerve proteins.

There are more than 2, neuropeptides in the body, but the cancer-fighting effects of most of them are unknown. It may be that interleukin and interferon are not the most potent cancer-fighting neuropeptides.

In any case, these neuropeptides are absolutely deadly to cancer cells! The Bob Beck Protocol, by getting rid of pathogens, allows these neuropeptides to be created in much higher volumes and the immune system is supercharged far beyond the imagination of scientists.

This protocol should be taken very seriously. Two medical doctors, Dr. Lyman, discovered, inthat a small electric current could disable viruses from being able to infect cells and multiply, thus rendering them harmless.

Other studies have shown the effectiveness of small amounts of electricity against bacteria and fungi. The combination of these studies proves their discovery was one of the greatest medical discoveries in the history of medicine because virtually all diseases are caused by, or enhanced by, a pathogen virus, bacteria, and fungus.

This combined knowledge gives us the key of how to cure almost every disease known to mankind. But unlike the discoveries of Dr.bob beck paper 1. bob beck lecture take back your power! conquering “ incurables” with microcurrents!

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Dr. Bob Beck, an acclaimed physicist developed a home health system that is widely referred to as the Beck Protocol. There are four steps that bob beck developed for anyone to use in there home.

When Bob heard that viruses and other pathogens had been deactivated in a medical research study by the application of microcurrents of electricity to blood, his considerable intellect and ingenuity. Updated world stock indexes. Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data.

Researching Lunenburg Roots Using Lunenberg Families’ Personal and Family Genealogy Pages free and on-line By Joe Petrie Both of my parents were Boutiliers (although my . This research both intrigued and challenged Bob Beck. He discovered, however, that the research had been pulled from public view—the paper was no longer .

The Research of Dr. Robert (Bob) C. Beck,