British history paper

Term Paper Topics on British History Updated on May 3, more British history covers such a broad expanse of history that the topics from which to choose are virtually innumerable. Fortunately, an army of historians have preceded the student of British history and their works can help to highlight for us the most interesting topics of British history.

British history paper

The country ruled a large chunk of the planet in the late s during the Victorian Era and now is one of the smallest countries in the world. Its world dominance was fueled by the Industrial Revolution, which provided the tools and money needed to conquer nations.

Civil War and Revolution - For years of the Stuart dynasty, menaces to the state were on the loose, jamming stakes into British fighters. Assassinations were plotted against kings, with attempts made, but none killed. Disaster spread throughout the green land. And then, "The Great Fire of London.

Scotland and Ireland were tired in those days of uncompromising English rule.

British history paper

Each nation was privy to a different religion, which worsened matters. Abolition After more than two centuries of enslaving Africans for a lucrative trade arrangement with the Americas, slavery was abolished.

William Wilberforce is credited by many British historians as leading the charge to eliminate slavery instated BBC.

Slavery continued, however, until Since the abolition, Wilberforce became a national hero, with 20, people attending a gathering that marked years after his death.

Slaves were used to harvest tobacco, sugar and cotton, while performing other tasks. Slave colonies included London, Bristol, Glasgow and Liverpool. Victorian Britain The Industrial Revolution, which began in the s from the onset of new "industrial" technology, brought Britain to a stage of global significance and created what is known as Victorian Britain.

The island country began its dominance in the ocean, as it developed a mighty force. Britain was considered the most powerful nation in the world at the time, according to BBC. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.Britain features a history that is filled with triumphant wars and bitter demises, making it an enticing topic for research papers.

The country ruled a large chunk of the planet in the late s during the Victorian Era and now is one of the smallest countries in the world.

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British history term paper "The Boer War marked the end of a period of territorial expansion of the empire, and led to a time of imperial rethinking and reorganization.

British history paper

The setbacks and defeats of the first stage of the war, and the unexpectedly long-drawn-out closing stage poured cold water over imperial enthusiasm, but they did not lead to any suggestion of imperial withdrawal.

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