Deforestation case study

Examples of deforestation include conversion of forestland to farms, ranches, or urban use.

Deforestation case study

This designation has generated momentum bringing greater attention to the forests worldwide. Forest resources can provide long-term national economic benefits. For example, at least countries of the world are currently involved in wood production Anon, Sufficient evidence is available that the whole world is facing an environmental crisis on account of heavy deforestation.

For years remorseless destruction of forests has been going on and we have not been able to comprehend the dimension until recently. Data is often imprecise and subject to differing interpretations. The rest are threatened by plantations, in Hainan and Yunnan, for example indigenous trees are felled to make way for fast growing ecouptus plantations, which are used to make paper pulp, unfortunately through they both contain trees plantation and ancient forests are not the same in terms of topology.

Ancient forests are crucial to biodiversity and provide habitats for many native species of animals and plants. They also store millennium North of carbon, which is released as carbon dioxide a green house gas when the trees are logged.

Logging alone, much of it illegal accounts for the less of more than 32 million acres of our planets natural forests every year, according to the nature conservancy. Not all deforestations is intentional. Some deforestation may be driven by a combination of natural processes and human interests.

Deforestation case study

Wildfire burn large sections of forest every year, for example and although fire is a natural part to the forest life cycle, subsequent overgrazing by livestock of wildlife after a fire can prevent the growth of young trees.

Of that figure, approximately 6 million hectares about 23, square miles is primary forest, which is defined in the global forest resources assessment as forests of native species where there are no clearly visible indication of human activities and where the ecological processes are not significantly disturbed.

However, it is obviously that the area of tropical rain forest is diminishing and the rate of tropical rain forest increased environment destructions escalation worldwide, despite increased environment activities and awareness our forest in Nigeria is gradually diminishing at 3. This study therefore is geared towards finding solutions to some of the problems of deforestation.

This study intends to find out the following problems; Do deforestation lead to flooding What are the causes of deforestation in Ovia North Local Government Area, Edo State?

Does deforestation lead to climate change 2. Does overgrazing lead to deforestation? Does expansion of farmland lead to deforestation? Does fire outbreak lead to deforestation? To assess the efforts made by the government to reduce the problems of deforestation.

Deforestation case study

If no efforts are made to guard this, the younger generation may find it very difficult to know what a natural forest look like.

They may also be denied of good forest produce for their economic needs and uses. Hence the effort being made by the government in preserving and consolidating the forest in form forest resources is highly impressive.

The study is of importance in that it will enlighten the leaders and the public of our obligation of the forest. To point out the importance of forest to guide against erosion. It will also aid government and forestry officials on how to protect our forest.

The study is targeted at collecting data from farmers, loggers, hunters, saw millers, timber contractors in the local government area of the study. Is a process whereby tresses are fell and used for domestic purpose without replacement. Deforestation is also when humans remove or clear large area of forest land and related ecosystems for non-forest use.

These include clearing for farming purposes, ranching and urban use. In these cases, trees are never replanted. This is the process which society or country or world transforms itself from a primary agricultural society into a base. As a source for additional understanding of the subject 2.

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GRAB THE BEST PAPER We use cookies to create the best experience for you. CASE STUDIES IN TROPICAL DEFORESTATION A. The Neotropics 2) Brazil. 2) Brazil. Brazil is an object lesson in forest destruction.

One nearly extinct rainforest is the Atlantic forest of Brazil, which originally had an area of one million km 2, but by now, consists of only 35, km 2. A Case Study - Malaysia Malaysia is a country is south-east Asia.

It is made up of Peninsular Malayisa and Eastern Malaysia, which is part of the island of Borneo. ABSTRACT. This study was intended to evaluate the consequences of deforestation on rural household income. This study was guided by the following objectives; to find out the causes of deforestation in Odighi in Edo state, to examine the consequences of in rural household income, to determine the strategies of reducing deforestation.

NATIONAL CENTER FOR CASE STUDY TEACHING IN SCIENCE “Th e Deforestation of the Amazon” by Phil Camill Page 2 tropics as the source of 50 to 90% of all species on Earth (Wilson ); the richest forests often support over.

Indonesia Case Study Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, with around 17, islands, and has many diverse forests there. In the s, Indonesia used to have 84% of forests covering their land.

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