Everglades symbolized janies foundation of life in their eyes were watching god

Tea Cake goes out looking for anything, especially some of his old buddies from the Everglades. Two white men find him and make him help bury all of the dead bodies. The dead white people get coffins and the black people just get thrown into a ditch. Tea Cake runs away from the job and makes it back to Janie.

Everglades symbolized janies foundation of life in their eyes were watching god

Hurston, the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship, spent her days gathering anthropological data about life in Haiti, but she spent her evenings working on what was to become her greatest novel.

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Hurston undoubtedly realized that her relationship with Price was doomed, and thus she invested much of her own emotional life in the creation of her protagonist, Janie Crawford Killicks Starks Woods. The reader witnesses the internal maturation of Janie as she embarks on a journey for self-knowledge.

After her marriage to Killicks, Janie quickly discovers that marriage does not equal love, and when the opportunity presents itself, Janie simply walks away and never looks back.

Starks is on his way to a town in Florida that has been established by and for African Americans. Janie marries Joe and moves with him to Eatonville. She is soon disappointed in her marriage, however, because Joe Starks places Janie on a pedestal, far above the common riffraff of the town, and thus effectively silences her.

Janie ceases to love Joe, and their marriage moves from the bedroom into the parlor. Janie is unwilling to allow the community of Eatonville to find her another husband; however, she finds a new mate when Teacake Woods enters her store. Although he is much younger than Janie, Teacake teaches her to laugh and to play again, and together they leave Eatonville to work in the Everglades as farm laborers.

In the Everglades, or the Muck, their relationship is challenged by the community of laborers, a community whose attitudes and activities present a microcosm of African American society. Janie and Teacake are also challenged by god, or nature, in the form of a hurricane.

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During their struggle to survive the hurricane, Teacake is bitten by a rabid dog and becomes rabid himself; Janie is forced to shoot him.

Janie is brought to trial and acquitted by a white jury. The circularity of the novel is completed as Janie returns to Eatonville. The narrative ends as Janie pulls her life in about her and drapes it over her shoulders like a great fishnet.Everglades Symbolized Janie's Foundation of Life in "Their Eyes Were Watching God" PAGES 4.

WORDS 3, View Full Essay. More essays like this: life, their eyes were watching god, janies foundation. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Janie and Pheoby quickly reconnect and Janie begins telling Pheoby the story of her life and where she has been.

Everglades symbolized janies foundation of life in their eyes were watching god

Janie Is Raised By Her Grandmother Janie begins her story with talking about her life being raised by her grandmother, Nanny. More specifically, and due in large part to Alice Walker's essay, Zora Neale Hurston is often viewed as the first in a succession of great American black women writers that includes Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, and Gloria Naylor.

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But Their Eyes Were Watching God resists reduction to a single movement, either literary or political. This particular theme denounces the belief that achieving life experience should always involve happiness. Through the juxtaposition of Eatonville to the Everglades Zora Neale Hurston depicts the self-discovery of a woman, attained only by embarking on through empiricism.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis. The setting of the everglades emphasizes Janie’s poverty and the relative decency and integrity of the lower classes, giving a sense of naturalness and righteousness to Janie’s innocence.

The Everglades provide the necessary setting for the hurricane – a force of nature, destiny, and God. In her journey through life, Janie has learned two important lessons: People must "go tuh God," and they must "find out about livin' fuh theyselves." Finally, Janie realizes that as long as she lives, the memory of Tea Cake will live within her heart.

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