How i found my cyber crush

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How i found my cyber crush

Qualities[ edit ] First and foremost, cyberculture derives from traditional notions of culture, as the roots of the word imply. In non-cyberculture, it would be odd to speak of a single, monolithic culture.

In cyberculture, by extension, searching for a single thing that is cyberculture would likely be problematic. The notion that there is a single, definable cyberculture is likely the complete dominance of early cyber territory by affluent North Americans.

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Writing by early proponents of cyberspace tends to reflect this assumption see Howard Rheingold. It "is not a monolithic or placeless 'cyberspace'; rather, it is numerous new technologies and capabilities, used by diverse people, in diverse real-world locations.

For example, the laws of physical world governments, social norms, the architecture of cyberspace, and market forces shape the way cybercultures form and evolve. As with physical world cultures, cybercultures lend themselves to identification and study.

How To Get Started With The No Contact Rule Now!

There are several qualities that cybercultures share that make them warrant the prefix "cyber-". Some of those qualities are that cyberculture: Is a community mediated by ICTs.

Is culture "mediated by computer screens". Depends on the ability to manipulate tools to a degree not present in other forms of culture even artisan culture, e.

Allows vastly expanded weak ties and has been criticized for overly emphasizing the same see Bowling Alone and other works.

Multiplies the number of eyeballs on a given problem, beyond that which would be possible using traditional means, given physical, geographic, and temporal constraints.

Is a "cognitive and social culture, not a geographic one". Thus, cyberculture can be generally defined as the set of technologies material and intellectualpractices, attitudes, modes of thought, and values that developed with cyberspace.

How i found my cyber crush

See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. October Learn how and when to remove this template message Cyberculture, like culture in general, relies on establishing identity and credibility. However, in the absence of direct physical interaction, it could be argued that the process for such establishment is more difficult.

How does cyberculture rely on and establish identity and credibility? This relationship is two-way, with identity and credibility being both used to define the community in cyberspace and to be created within and by online communities.

In some senses, online credibility is established in much the same way that it is established in the offline world; however, since these are two separate worlds, it is not surprising that there are differences in their mechanisms and interactions of the markers found in each. Following the model put forth by Lawrence Lessig in Code: Some factors may be: Anonymous post Many sites allow anonymous commentary, where the user-id attached to the comment is something like "guest" or "anonymous user".

In an architecture that allows anonymous posting about other works, the credibility being impacted is only that of the product for sale, the original opinion expressed, the code written, the video, or other entity about which comments are made e.

Sites that require "known" postings can vary widely from simply requiring some kind of name to be associated with the comment to requiring registration, wherein the identity of the registrant is visible to other readers of the comment.

These "known" identities allow and even require commentators to be aware of their own credibility, based on the fact that other users will associate particular content and styles with their identity. By definition, then, all blog postings are "known" in that the blog exists in a consistently defined virtual location, which helps to establish an identity, around which credibility can gather.

Conversely, anonymous postings are inherently incredible. Note that a "known" identity need have nothing to do with a given identity in the physical world.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Nov 05,  · I always go to his Facebook, and I keep track of the pictures that he posts and which girls talk to him.

Sometimes I save pictures of him, I know it sounds really creepy but my friends do it too. Then I was able to hack (lucky guess at the passwords) into his school's photography center where I found pictures of him at soccer practice and I saved that Resolved.

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