Integrated business planning for finance

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Integrated business planning for finance

Strategic Planning Strategic planning focuses on what a company wants to do, rather than how it does it. For example, a company might decide it needs to diversify into new business areas because the chance for increasing its current market share is small.

The strategic options might include developing new products within its current market, entering a completely new market or buying a business. A corporate finance department might create a strategic plan to improve cash flow.

integrated business planning for finance

This could include tactics such as negotiating more favorable credit terms with customers and suppliers, improving receivables turnover or changing production schedules to stockpile inventory during slow periods. Human Resources Planning HR planning involves looking at the long-term needs of a business, rather than addressing current needs.

Examples of HR planning include creating an organization structure, evaluating the use of contractors vs. Impact Assessments When a business considers a strategic plan, it floats the idea with its different department heads to see how it will affect them.


HR gives the management team the personnel costs associated with an initiative based on the necessary additional hiring or overtime pay. It tells management if the company needs to retrain employees, if the idea can work using contractors or how long it takes to hire or retrain employees to be able to handle the new initiative.

Execution After management decides to move ahead with a strategic plan, HR readies personnel for the initiative. HR works with department heads who have to execute the various aspects of a strategic plan, discussing what they need in the way of human resources. This might include recruiting new employees, working with a production department on scheduling, training new employees or soliciting requests for proposals from contractors.

Monitoring With a strategic initiative in place, HR monitors any changes or additions to the workforce it introduced to determine if they are in line with its projections and representations to management during the assessment stage.

HR modifies these areas where necessary and reports to management on the status of personnel-related issues regarding the strategic initiative.Accounting Principles. An introduction to the fundamental aspects of financial accounting, including the preparation, presentation and interpretation of financial information within the context of making effective business decisions.

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integrated business planning for finance

ET. Design interactive reports, dashboards and planning processes integrated with Power BI, Excel, web and mobile devices exactly to your requirements without special IT skills.

Integrated Business Planning is the set of processes, practices and technologies used to unite a company on a Consensus Business Plan.. A company conducting true IBP will have a single consensus forecast across all functions, which is often referred to as a “one number forecast”.

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