Kids short speech 15 august

Dyslexia and Speech Therapy Dyslexia and Speech Therapy I used to think that dyslexia was just when people reversed letters in words when they were reading. This word-reading difficulty is often caused by a deficit in the phonological component of language.

Kids short speech 15 august

Written by Heidi Hanks on August 14, Have you ever wondered if your child is saying all the sounds correctly they should be saying for their age, or thought about which sounds your child says incorrectly that makes them difficult to understand?

An Articulation Screener can help you answer these questions. Articulation Screeners are used by speech language pathologists to quickly determine which sounds children can or cannot say. They are also used to determine if the speech errors the child says are developmentally appropriate or if they are delayed.

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Articulation Screeners are not standardized and so they are only used as a reference for therapists, they are not used to determine eligibility for services. I would like to share my Articulation Screener with all of you so that you can have a free tool to use in helping you determine what sounds your kids say in error and whether those sounds are developmentally appropriate or delayed.

I intentionally designed this screener to be simple and easy to use for both parents and SLPs. With this screener you will be able to test the consonant sounds and consonant blends in the English language.

Kids short speech 15 august

This screener does not test the vowels or sort errors by phonological processes. This screener is paper based and can be printed for personal use. It comes with 5 free tests and has video tutorials showing you how to use the app properly.

There are 5 pages all together. Page 1 is the information and instructions page. Pages include all the different sounds that will be tested. You can download the screener here or by clicking the red download button below.

Kids short speech 15 august

In the header of each of the sound boxes you will find the age at which most children have mastered that sound. You will also find a target word with that sound in it in the initial position beginning of the worda target word with that sound in the medial position middle of the word and a target word with that sound in the final position end of the word.

Each of these target words are important because they help us determine if the target sound is said accurately in all word positions. Each word has a scoring box to the left of the word. The red scoring box indicates that we are testing the sound in the initial position of the word.

The blue scoring box indicates we are testing the sound in the medial position of the word. The green scoring box indicates we are testing the sound in the final position of the word.

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All you need now is a copy of the screener, a pencil, your child and maybe a few reinforcements mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, raisins or whatever will work to keep your kids interested.

Place the first page of images in front of the child you are testing then refer to the first sound box on the screener the P Sound.

If the child says it correctly we mark the box with a check mark. If the child says it incorrectly we place an X in the box. When the sound is said incorrectly you may want to write how the word was said incorrectly.


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