Lenins achievements essay

The Soviet Union under Stalin The Revolution led by Lenin was complete bybut it had left the country shattered and devastated.

Lenins achievements essay

Published according to the Prosveshcheniye text. Goins Public Lenins achievements essay Lenin Internet Archive You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. This article was published in in Prosveshcheniye No. Prosveshcheniye Enlightenment was a Bolshevik social, political and literary monthly published legally in St.

Petersburg from December onwards. Its inauguration was proposed by Lenin to replace the Bolshevik journal Mysl Thoughta Moscow publication banned by the tsarist government. Lenin directed the work of the journal from abroad and wrote the following articles for it: The journal was suppressed by the tsarist government in Juneon the eve of the First World War.

Publication was resumed in the autumn of but only one double number appeared; this number contained two articles by Lenin: In one way or another, all official and liberal science defends wage-slavery, whereas Marxism has declared relentless war on that slavery.

But this is not all. On the contrary, the genius of Marx consists precisely in his having furnished answers to questions already raised by the foremost minds of mankind. His doctrine emerged as the direct and immediate continuation of the teachings of the greatest representatives of philosophy, political economy and socialism.

The Marxist doctrine is omnipotent because it is true. It is comprehensive and harmonious, and provides men with an integral world outlook irreconcilable with any form of superstition, reaction, or defence of bourgeois oppression.

It is the legitimate successor to the best that man produced in the nineteenth century, as represented by German philosophy, English political economy and French socialism. It is these three sources of Marxism, which are also its component parts that we shall outline in brief.

I The philosophy of Marxism is materialism. Throughout the modern history of Europe, and especially at the end of the eighteenth century in France, where a resolute struggle was conducted against every kind of medieval rubbish, against serfdom in institutions and ideas, materialism has proved to be the only philosophy that is consistent, true to all the teachings of natural science and hostile to superstition, cant and so forth.

Marx and Engels defended philosophical materialism in the most determined manner and repeatedly explained how profoundly erroneous is every deviation from this basis.

But Marx did not stop at eighteenth-century materialism: The main achievement was dialectics, i.

Lenin and Trotsky

Marx deepened and developed philosophical materialism to the full, and extended the cognition of nature to include the cognition of human society. His historical materialism was a great achievement in scientific thinking.

The chaos and arbitrariness that had previously reigned in views on history and politics were replaced by a strikingly integral and harmonious scientific theory, which shows how, in consequence of the growth of productive forces, out of one system of social life another and higher system develops—how capitalism, for instance, grows out of feudalism.

Political institutions are a superstructure on the economic foundation.

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We see, for example, that the various political forms of the modern European states serve to strengthen the domination of the bourgeoisie over the proletariat. II Having recognised that the economic system is the foundation on which the political superstructure is erected, Marx devoted his greatest attention to the study of this economic system.

Classical political economy, before Marx, evolved in England, the most developed of the capitalist countries. Adam Smith and David Ricardo, by their investigations of the economic system, laid the foundations of the labour theory of value. Marx continued their work; he provided a proof of the theory and developed it consistently.

He showed that the value of every commodity is determined by the quantity of socially necessary labour time spent on its production. Where the bourgeois economists saw a relation between things the exchange of one commodity for another Marx revealed a relation between people.

The exchange of commodities expresses the connection between individual producers through the market. Money signifies that the connection is becoming closer and closer, inseparably uniting the entire economic life of the individual producers into one whole. Capital signifies a further development of this connection:The New Economic Policy (NEP) Lenin enforced a truce with the peasantry.

This was the opposite of War Communism. Forced requisitioning of farm produce was replaced by a smaller ‘tax in kind’ (i.e. tax paid in produce). This allowed peasants to sell their surplus on the free market.

While he was never completely written out of history, he was marginalized and became a scapegoat for most problems in the USSR, while his positive achievements were ascribed to Lenin instead.

In addition, most of his statues were torn down, and streets and towns named for him were re-named.

Lenin's Achievements | Essay Example

Essay about Lenin's achievements had to create war not peace and prosperity. Most people like for example source A think that during the October revolution, where the Bolsheviks kicked the provisional government out and took power, was let by great Lenin.

This essay will seek to explore whether the violent policies associated with Stalinism where the result of the continuation by Stalin of the processes initiation by Vladimir Lenin under his direction and whether the intentions of the two systems were more similar than dissimilar.

War Communism. War Communism was the name given to the economic system that existed in Russia from to War Communism was introduced by Lenin to combat the economic problems brought on by the civil war in Russia. It was a combination of emergency measures and socialist dogma. Read this essay on How Did the Bolsheviks Seize Power?.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. throughout that Gorbachev had two unprecedented achievements.

Lenins achievements essay

He led Russia (then Soviet Russia) nearer to real democracy than it had ever been in its centuries-long history. How Accurate Is It to Say That Lenins.

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