Logocentric writing a letter

According to Derrida and taking inspiration from the work of Ferdinand de Saussure[14] language as a system of signs and words only has meaning because of the contrast between these signs. Derrida refers to the—in this view, mistaken—belief that there is a self-sufficient, non-deferred meaning as metaphysics of presence. One of the two terms governs the other axiologically, logically, etc. The first task of deconstruction would be to find and overturn these oppositions inside a text or a corpus of texts; but the final objective of deconstruction is not to surpass all oppositions, because it is assumed they are structurally necessary to produce sense.

Logocentric writing a letter

A dreamer of the day, a writer, and a wanderer. I blog at www. How amazing is that? It felt like I was opening a dispatch from a king of lore. What magic or quest might be requested on the pages within. I nearly tore the letter open, but then that felt wrong; like destroying some beautiful piece of art.

The words, like the lines on the face, told so much more about the person who wrote them. The person who had written it was in the paper and ink. This letter was an outpouring of their soul.

It was a connection point to a human being I had never met, halfway across the world. It was a treasure. Typed words can be powerful by themselves, but they lack the spiritual significance of handwritten tomes.

When we take a pen in our hand and pour ink onto the pages through actual physical interaction, we loose more of ourselves onto the page. The very act of writing by hand slows the mind. It forces the writer to make the words one-at-a-time rather than pound them out in quick succession.

There is a cost to choosing the wrong word, so the writer must make decisions more carefully. When a page is completed, the words contained are captured in the unique artistic beauty of an individual artist. A trained eye can tell who wrote one, while the other might have been created by anyone. Return After reading through the letter twice, I returned to the junk drawer and dug through it again.

Somewhere in the mire, lay a fountain pen I had purchased for no good reason. My fingers found it.


It was crusted with ink, so I took it to the kitchen to clean it. I had a sample of ink that was sent, as a gift, from an online stationery supplier. It was a small bottle that I kept on my desk because I liked the color of the deep green elixir within.

I loaded the pen and made a mess of my shirt in the process, but I was undeterred. The scratch of the pen across the paper was cathartic. It felt more like creation than work. When I type away, endlessly, I feel like a machine.

logocentric writing a letter

I took my time. I chose my words carefully. In the end, I had four beautiful pages of green marks that held the magic of my being.

I placed them in an envelope and put them in the mail. Letters A letter takes ten days to go from New Jersey to Portugal. They also take ten days to return. The twenty days between can feel like a lifetime, but the elation of a handwritten reply cannot be understated.

Reading a reply, to a conversation you had so long ago has become unnatural. Remembering the letter you wrote seems like a chore, but for some reason, I never have a problem remembering what I have written by hand. I cannot say the same for words that I have typed. And the heart seems to be able to work through a pen differently than through a keyboard.

And writing letters can connect you to people in a way that Tinder never will. Tools Fountain pens can be daunting for the uninitiated. There is no reason that they should be. A solid and fine writing instrument is easy to procure for a relatively small investment.Jacques Derrida (/ ˈ d ɛr ɪ d ə /; French and Armstrong wrote a letter to the university objecting that "Derrida's work does not meet accepted standards of clarity and rigour," and "Academic status based on what seems to us to be little more than semi-intelligible attacks upon the In another essay in Writing and Difference entitled Alma mater: École Normale Supérieure, Harvard University, University of Paris.

“INTRODUCTION TO A NUMBER OF ESSAYS AND ARTICLES BASED ON A “LOGOCENTRIC” APPROACH TO THE CRITICISM OF LITERARY TEXTS What we say about words in the empirical realm will bear a notable likeness to what is said about God in theology.

Looking for a professional letter writing in English. This could be a long-term project. I need to send out a invitation letter to our future club's honorary member.


Chinese writing, basically logographic writing system, one of the world’s great writing systems. Like Semitic writing in the West, Chinese script was fundamental to the writing systems in the East. Until relatively recently, Chinese writing was more widely in use than alphabetic writing systems.

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Aug 13,  · They write an A next to the pictures whose names start with the letter A. Kids completing this worksheet practice writing the letter A and identifying pictures that have names beginning with A.

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