Marketing mix describe how each element is implemented

The Module pattern is based in part on object literals and so it makes sense to refresh our knowledge of them first.

Marketing mix describe how each element is implemented

Despite the efforts Marketing mix describe how each element is implemented government aimed at efficient distribution of petroleum products; the problems of inadequate and uneven distribution among others still threaten the marketing of petroleum products today in the country.

As a result, these problems gave birth to independent marketers that served as a panacea to the prevalent economic situation occasioned by inadequacy in petroleum products distribution in the country.

Inadequate marketers therefore were granted rights to be involved in the industry as to bridge the gap created by distribution logistics, to ameliorate the sufferings of Nigerians.

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Entry of independent marketers became welcomed and justified, in the oil industry. Prior to the birth of the independent marketers, petroleum products distribution was epileptic and unreliable. Therefore, the shortage experienced in the country of petroleum products in and were attributed to the inadequate distribution network for petroleum products.

Government therefore responded to these problems in two ways: Also, task force have been put in place to ensure that petroleum products reach their destination without diversion. Also, possible recommendations are made to solve the problems so identified.

The study therefore covers mainly some specific petroleum products like diesel, kerosene, premium motor spirit gasoline and domestic gas, which are commonly used in domestic and economic life more than other products of petroleum crude oil.

Distribution pattern of petroleum products in Nigeria has received increased attention, since diesel, kerosene, gasoline are described as one of the bedrocks of the Nigerian economy. However, there are pertinent problems witnessed in the marketing of petroleum products in Nigeria.


One of such problems is the location of depots: Also, there is problem of shortage i. Easter, Christmas and New Year, during these periods, there is always excessive usage culminating into increased demand for petroleum product.

Other problems militating against the distribution of petroleum products include: Studies have come up with above listed problems generally affecting the marketing of petroleum products, and no specific study has been carried out on petroleum products which is commonly used such as kerosene, gasoline and diesel.

This study is therefore focused on the identification of problems in marketing the petroleum products under reference and possible solutions being given towards solving them.

As a result of this short fall in capacity levels, the industry is yet to realize the object of its mission in the country. This unaccomplished mission is evident especially when looking critically into various problems relating to the oil industry in the country.

Prominent among these problems is the ineffective marketing of petroleum products. The aim of this study therefore is to identify the problem in the marketing of petroleum products and an attempt to determine ways of solving such problems looking critically at some activities involved. This study attempts to accomplish the following: Therefore, the economic importance of marketing petroleum products attracts government bodies, institutions, general public, international oil companies as well as independent marketers.

The information generated by this study would help the government carry out a more purposeful and result oriented planning, control and evaluation of the petroleum industry with a view to enhancing its contribution towards improving the Nigerian economy.

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Also the benefits derivable from this research work by the researchers and the consuming public points to the significance of the study.

Based on the purpose of the research stated above, the following research questions have been formulated: The hypothesis shows the position or opinion of the researcher in his attempt to express the subject of this research work. Though, these are subjective; their authenticity, validity, or otherwise will be tested in the process of this work.

The problems of frequent power failure, inadequate storage facilities and transportation does not hinder effective marketing of petroleum products.

Marketing mix describe how each element is implemented

Inadequate finance, uniform pricing does not impede proper marketing of petroleum products to final consumers. According to Cassidythere are about two thousand, six hundred 2, petroleum products.

Therefore, considering this wide range of products available. This work will be delimited and constricted mainly to problems facing distribution of kerosene, gasoline and diesel. The choice of these products is based on how the domestic economic life of the country is controlled basically by these three products — kerosene, diesel and gasoline.

Below are terms use din this study, with unique manning, subjected to varied interpretations are defined as follows: According to same dictionary above; problem means a thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand. Defined as a process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

American Marketing Association In this work, marketing basically describes, distribution and selling of petroleum products to consumers. In principles of marketing by P. Armstrong 6th editionproduct is defined as anything that can be offered tot eh market for attention, acquisition and satisfaction of need or want.

Usually the word product suggests a physical object, such as car; however, the concept of product is not limited to physical object, but anything capable of satisfying a need.BUTCHMANNS HISTORY THE FULL JOURNEY By SlaveMaster INTRODUCTION.

The Butchmanns history is a story of personal and organization development and evolution. In This Chapter. In this chapter we will compare the data structures we have learned so far by the performance (execution speed) of the basic operations (addition, search, deletion, etc.).

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These concepts are part of the marketing mix. What the 5 Ps encourage you to do is research and plan your marketing strategy. Going through each P you want to: Product: Beyond defining what you've got, you want to pay special attention to the benefits your product or service offers.

The Four Elements of the Marketing Mix: 1. product 2. place 3. price 4. promotion. Describe how each element is implemented within a specific organization and how they relate to .

Two separate qualitative research studies are designed to gain an insight into the practice of knowledge management and marketing in the engineering and biotechnology industries. Excellent question Andy. While they are connected and dependent on each other, they can be separately and independently controlled.

Top management can decide to change strategy and also decide to not make any changes to structure.