Plastic over-usage essay

Luhrmann's song came out in When I taught middle schoolers I used the song as part of a multi-day lesson in which they read the text not knowing what it was and highlighted, commented, and reacted to what they read. Then I played the song for them and they reacted again to how the audio interpretation impacted their understanding of and reaction to the piece.

Plastic over-usage essay

Security of Health Information Paper Change is inevitable. As a result the use of the new technology especially smart cards and embedded microchips is slowly but gradually commanding usage in the health sector. However, as much as the new technology is bundled with a lot of advantageous things, it still have its pros and cons.

Due to over usage of non-technological approaches not only in health sector but also in other different sectors, people have developed resistance in adopting the new technology.

A smart card can typically be defined as a plastic card with a computer chip, either a microprocessor or a memory that is embedded and is used to store data. Mostly this data is about personal information and associated value. Smart cards having been widely used in the banking arena but lately the technology have been introduced in the Plastic over-usage essay sector.

As a result, introduction of these new technologies such as use of smart cards and microchips in the healthcare sector has faced a lot of criticism as much as it is supported. Advantages As much as the use of the new technology in the health sector has drawn a lot of criticism from patient and other stakeholders, it has many benefits.

First, there have been some cases where the doctors require the history of a given patient in the shortest time possible.

This is a factor that has helped in life saving of patients and ensuring that their health does not deteriorate with time before doctor can access the necessary health information. For instance, imagine a scenario where a patient is reactive to silver coated medicine.

Admission of such Plastic over-usage essay medicine could worsen the matter instead of correcting. Therefore, the ease at which the medical practitioner can access the history of a given patient is of paramount importance especially in the events of emergency.

The other importance of embracing the new technology in the healthcare system is in order to improve the productivity of medical workers.

Imagine the time spent by a medical practitioner to peruse through every patient medical history documented in form of papers.

This process can be cumbersome and time-consuming thus reducing the effectiveness and productivity of these workers. A single smart card can be enough to store the information and medical history of a given patient and thus disregarding use of papers. Moreover, it can even incorporate the insurance plans if a patient has any.

Just like the smart cards, the embedded transcoders is bundled with many paybacks. Creation of a personal medical identity is one of the main advantages of embracing this technology. Indeed, this technology has been used in the military in the past and seems to be a success.

Implications Despite more hospitals and other health provides adopting the use of the new technology in the health arena and access of a given person health details becoming more faster and easier than ever, this technology have failed to uphold the privacy that is required in the health sector.

Despite, providing information to the medical doctors and nurses this technology has also helped in sharing of information in the wrong ends.

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This may disclose confidential medical history and insurance plans information that ought to remain as confidential as possible. Moreover, some of health insurance offering companies and agencies may end up offering monetary means especially for the personal information that can be accessed through a smart card.

In addition, some of these companies may decline some customers after learning about their medical history or end up over changing some their clients with medical complications.

It does not mean that by the virtue of been a medical practitioner someone is ethical and can be trusted. Therefore, collecting all personal information about a patient and storing this data in smart card with ease of access may give a chance to some of unethical medical personnel to implore vital health records.

Some of these medical providers may collaborate with insurance companies and thus they act as their source of information. By adopting the proper technology to read these cards, private companies may end up getting the health information of the entire nation especially in United States.

This information may be used by these companies in developing a database to promote and sell their products. More negatively, the government may end up using this information in a manner that will be a violation of the constitution and individual constitutional rights.

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For instances, government may use this technology to track people infected with a transmittable diseases whenever there is such an outbreak.

As much as the embedded microchips may seem to be too exciting, adoption of this technology may have some implication in the health sector. This technology may curtail individuals the right of their privacy and whereabouts.

Moreover, some people may maneuver and find some ways to access this microchips and thus exposing personal and confidential information an act that may come at acost to these individuals. Personal Stand Advantages and disadvantages go hand in hand. Therefore, it is hard to have a scenario where something is completely safe and lacks disadvantages.

Even from philosophy, it is widely known that people have a tendency to resist change. For instance, if a master key that can do everything ranging from opening house doors, cars doors, starting the engine plus opening other locks is developed, chances are high that people would opt for the bunch of keys they are used to.

Just by comparing the implications and advantages of this new technology, it is clear that it is worth to be embraced. Therefore, people should feel free to abandon some of their cultural values and embrace this new technology in the health arena.

However, this technology should be improved and more essentially reduce the chances of the third party accessing the personal data via embedded microchips or the smart cards. Conclusion To sum up, despite use of technology in the medical arena having some issues such as failure to maintain patients privacy and possible exposure of private and confidential health information to third parties, this technology should adopted but with an improvement.Free Essay: Look around at the local surroundings.

How many objects are made of or just contain a bit of plastic? There is a high amount of plastic being. 1. I think the problem with sustainability is not over-usage of the term but rather misuse. Do you agree??

Many consumers have become cautious of the word because it can be so misleading. For example, companies claiming to go green by reducing their packaging materials.

Recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, aluminum and other materials. Natural Alternatives. Use all natural/nontoxic household cleaners whenever possible.

Materials such as lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar make great cleaning products, are inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly. How to use Mometasone FUROATE Ointment.

Plastic over-usage essay

do not use tight-fitting diapers or plastic pants. Do not wash or rinse the medication off immediately after applying it. This essay is predicated on the belief that ethics educators should guide students toward a proper understanding of conscience.

To that end, conscience and the qualities that are intertwined with it and make it possible are set forth. Education and information about types of water contamination related to agricultural water use, agricultural runoff, animal feeding operations, pesticides, .

Plastic over-usage essay
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