Project on satyam scam

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Project on satyam scam

The IG stated that examiners only performed "their required minimum procedures.

Project on satyam scam

Did the auditors properly prepare and plan to find fraud? Could effective fraud brainstorming have helped uncover these schemes much sooner? In most of the published auditing standards and expectations for auditors, identifying fraud goes hand and hand with the key words "plan" or "planning.

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Government Auditing Standards all refer to proper audit planning and consideration of fraud schemes. The " Statement on Auditing Standards No. Consideration of Fraud ," also referred to as SAS 99, specifically requires fraud brainstorming sessions when reviewing financial statements.

In recent years, the phrase "the auditors failed to uncover the ongoing fraud scheme" has unfortunately been appearing more and more frequently. Satyam, Tyco, Olympus, Madoff and Healthsouth are just a few of the recent large frauds in which auditors and investigators missed the warning signs.

Finding fraud is difficult. We all know that. Did the fraud fighters properly plan and brainstorm for fraud? Fraud brainstorming is more than sitting around a table for an hour talking about how fraud could occur.

It involves delving into the details, thinking like a fraudster and using the knowledge of the processes to increase awareness of where frauds may be hiding.

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When broken down into its parts, fraud brainstorming encompasses: This also will minimize the possibility that the target group gets wind of the impending audit, especially steps designed to detect fraud.

Therefore, carefully manage and safeguard the inclusion of others in this process. CFEs in a fraud brainstorming session will bring investigative minds and skill sets to the session. An auditor must assume that any employee in the target group could be committing fraud, including management.

And be careful about including employees of the area being audited, such as an ethics or compliance specialist or human resources professional.

Though they could be valuable additions, they could leak important information.

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The more complex a process, the greater the chance that fraud will slip through the cracks and crevices. Number of transactions The more transactions, the easier fraudsters can hide their crimes.

Pay close attention to those processes that generate significant numbers of transactions, and design fraud detection tests accordingly.

Number of dollars, both large and small Auditors may be drawn to focus on the high-dollar transactions that are above a certain threshold.

But a significant fraud scheme could be occurring just under established thresholds. In some instances, the smallest transaction could be the indicator of a large, ongoing fraud.The posterior tibial artery begins at the lower border of the Popliteus, opposite the interval between the tibia and fibula; it extends obliquely downward, and, as it descends, it approaches the tibial side of the leg, lying behind the tibia, and in the lower part of its course is situated midway between the medial malleolus and the medial process of the calcaneal tuberosity.

[Download] UPSC Mains General Studies Paper-2 (GS2), incl. past papers topicwise sorted; observation, analysis.

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