Snowmen at work writing activity first grade

Monday, October 24, Teaching "Retelling" My students always have trouble retelling a story in summary form using beginning, middle and end. It's hard for young readers to decide what is important and not important. Some get confused and think they need to retell every word and for others writing anything at all is just to overwhelming.

Snowmen at work writing activity first grade

It was not yet winter when the students left for break in December. It's the perfect choice for the first graders engaging and fun for the first week back in January. I purchased the book shortly before winter break. After reading it for the first time, it immediately became my new favorite snowman book.

It's a sweet and simple story about a snowman named Drift who was abandoned by some children before he was finished. He's sad that he's a plain-looking snowman and not fancy like the other snowmen. Drift dreams of being the perfect snowman. He watches as the other snowmen play, dance, and have fashion parades.

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Snowman Activity for First Grade and Second Grade Learning to add numbers is a huge and hard part of first grade! First graders need a lot of practice to master addition facts!

Not only do they not include Drift in their fun, but they make fun of how he looks and tease him. He meets up with some children who kindly give him some of their clothing.

He then happily plays in the snow with the children. That night he loses most of his clothing in a blizzard. The story ends with an opportunity for Drift to pay forward the children's kindness when he meets up with a bunny and truly becomes the most perfect snowman. It has a wonderful message of kindness, friendship, and giving.

I will read the book for my first read aloud of the day on Monday. It will be the springboard for a week of snowman activities. The students will discuss, draw, and write to connect with the story.

I like to scaffold the independent activities with a whole group or small group discussion and activity first. This is a story sequencing chart that we will use to talk about the beginning and ending parts of the story.

I noted events that happened in the story on sticky notes. I'll read them, student partners will discuss where it happened in the story beginning or endand then students will share and volunteer to stick the notes under the correct headings.

snowmen at work writing activity first grade

We'll continue with writing about favorite parts of the story, responding to comprehension activities, and retelling the story. The story is filled with adjectives for describing a snowman's clothing.

First Grade Fabulosity

For example, the snowmen in the story say that Drift has a "Snazzy outfit! Students can add to our chart throughout the week.

It will be displayed in the classroom for students to use in their own writing. The students will have an opportunity to describe their own snowmen.

What I love the most about this adorable book is the way it addresses kindness. Kindness is a focus in our class leading up to that week. I'll have the students brainstorm ideas for helping others to add to the chart throughout the week. We'll discuss ways we can be kind by giving to others, being helpful to others, and being a good friend to others.

The colored version will be used as a model for brainstorming our ideas. The students will complete the black and white version of the booklet as an independent activity. We've been working on including and not excluding others. The author did a wonderful job of showing how someone feels when they are not included thru the illustrations in the book.

Drift is shown all alone with his head hanging down. The students will have an opportunity to share a time when they were not included in something and how it made them feel.Title – Cooperative Snowmen By – Tabitha Celski Primary Subject – Art Secondary Subjects – Language Arts Grade Level – K Teacher Intent: To help the students work together as a team to create a finished product without much teacher intervention.

Jan 17,  · First Grade Garden shared this Snowman Number and Counting Activity packet that would make a great math center. This cute Snowman Numbers Tally Marks Match is from Kid Sparkz.

From the Pond shared this adorable Snowman Makes Ten activity! I just had to share these delightful snowmen, before they're taken down to make way for February. I am a first grade teacher who thoroughly enjoys teaching and learning.

I love sharing ideas with other teachers. Word Wall (1) word work (1) writing (11) zoo animals (2). I know I teach the young ones and a lot of you teach older students so I wanted to offer up something that all of us could use.

Writing is such a big focus and sometimes (ok, most days) our students sigh heavily when you mention that it is time for writing. Art Christmas/Winter - Activity to go with the book Snowmen at Night - The First Grade Parade lesson-plan-ideas Find this Pin and more on Snowman teaching unit by Nancy DeSantis.

Snowmen at Night craft and writing prompt: snowman from torn paper, prompt: If I were a snowman at night, i would. Name Snowmen Preschool Craft - Fun-A-Day! - work on counting and graphing, making choices of colors and reading.

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Cooperation is necessary to create these sneaky snowmen