What is cameo writing a letter

So, I thought I would share the note she wrote to me and my response to her.

What is cameo writing a letter

Anything that your Cameo or Portrait can cut out with its regular blade, it can draw instead if you switch out the blade for a sketch pen. Open the Cut Settings window once you have your design loaded. You should see thick red lines covering all of the lines of your design.

But with sketch pens, the pen will be drawing instead of cutting.

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Now the only thing with a thick red line on top of it should be the piece of your design that you want drawn or, if you want to use multiple colors in your design, the thick red line should only show on whichever piece you want to draw first.

It should do this next piece automatically for you, but in the next section down, make sure it changes the Blade Type to Sketch Pen and shows a little image of a sketch pen.

How to load a sketch pen into your Silhouette cutting machine First, lift the lid of your machine and remove the cutting blade by turning the small blue knob to the left and lifting the blade out of the housing.

what is cameo writing a letter

Then choose the sketch pen color you want to use, pull the lid off of the pen, and place it, point down, into the housing. Once your pen is loaded, place your paper onto your cutting mat, pressing down firmly all over, and load the cutting mat into the machine.

what is cameo writing a letter

Go back to your computer and click Send To Silhouette at the bottom of the Cut Settings window, or click on the Send To Silhouette icon in the bar at the top, then click Start, and your machine should start to draw out your design! You can tell the machine to unload and then pull your design off the cutting mat.

Be very careful not to reposition your design on the screen as you do this, or your lines will be slightly off! Then remove the first sketch pen from the holder and put the new sketch pen in, following the same instructions above.

Click Send To Silhouette again to tell the machine to start drawing the second piece of the design. Repeat these steps for each new pen color until your whole design has been drawn. If you want to cut out your design, leave the cutting mat exactly where it is and move on to the next step of the tutorial!

How to cut out a sketched design The last step is to cut out your beautiful sketch! Scroll down in the Cut Settings window; once you select a new Material Type the software should automatically change the Blade Type back to Silhouette Ratchet Blade for you.

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Look at the recommended settings, and adjust your blade depth accordingly. Then, following the same instructions as before, remove the sketch pen from the holder and put the cutting blade back in. Click Send To Silhouette to tell your machine to start cutting!

This time, once the machine is done cutting, unload your cutting mat and remove your design. You now have a fun sketch in multiple colors! Want to share this tutorial with your friends? Just click any of the share buttons off to the left to share to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.!C.

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A great resource for paper crafters, with loads of tips and tricks for making cards, mini-albums, altered media and more. A wealth of information for Silhouette Cameo users. One of the biggest frustrations for Silhouette CAMEO users trying to cut very intricate designs and text is the more intricate and the smaller the design, the harder it is to get a clean cut.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. Open the Silhouette Studio software and use the font tool to write your desired word or phrase.

The text I used is Brannboll Fet. Once you have it typed out, click on the corner of the box and pull the text to the size you want to cut it.

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